Shah Buzz



Before we started going on tour I got a new fence built at my house and I just want to give a mention because they did a fantastic job. They are Colorbond Fence installation in brisbane. It is a five member troupe. Members are: Maja Lackovic, Natasha Moskaljov, Iva Jursic, Marija Volaric and Katarina Vojkovic. We mostly dance American Tribal and Tribal Fusion style. The troupe is founded in May 2007. We sometimes perform followed by percussion group Shah Buzz (four drummers: Rene Kuticic, Kamenko Culap, Goran Petrinic and Darko Skrgatic).

Maja started her artistic career by the end of 2001. as a percusionist in a percussion band The Rhythm Tribe, where she was playing a tambourine and later djembee (the african drum). In the summer 2002 she met Susan Frankovich, an American Tribal belly dancer, who became her first teacher.

Maja also studyed with many other dancers, like Alexandra Cegledi (Hungary), Manca Pavli (Slovenia), Kami Liddle (SAD, Bellydance Superstars), Rachel Brice (SAD, Bellydance Superstars), Sharon Kihara (SAD), Geneva Bybee.

Maja and Rachel Brice
after Rachel's three-day workshop, Berlin 2007.

2003. with three drummers, Maja founded Shah Buzz ansamble which had performances throughout Croatia. She also starts her own classes and workshops of American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion in couple of cities in Croatia.

April 2007. - she wonn 4th place on international bellydance competition in Celje, Slovenia.

May 2007. - she founded dance troupe Dance A Lot with three of her students.

She plans to continue her dance education, participate in dance festivals and competitions in Croatia and abroad, to work with other artists and also to have her own workshops and courses in Croatia and abroad.


Born on 25th August 1987. in Zagreb, student of economics. As a little girl she was dancing, singing and even playing a piano.
In the spring of 2006. under supervision of Maja Lackovic, she discoveres her true love - Tribal Fusion, to wich she completely commits herself.
Beside Maja, Natasha was studying with other dancers, like: Alexandra Cegledi (Hungary), Manca Pavli (Slovenia), Kami Liddle (SAD), Sharon Kihara (SAD), Geneva Bybee (SAD). She is a member of Dancealot since it's beginning.
She teaches her own ATS and Tribal fusion classes since January 2008.


Born in Pula on 2nd March 1982. She was dancing and performing at the early age of four dancing the classical ballet under supervision of Slavica Senk. She tried oriental dance for the first time while studying with Nera (Dancing school "Ritam ulice") in the 2003. She is a profesor of biology and chemistry, echology ingeneer, and beside regular secondary school she also finished secondary musical school - piano. She loves art in general so it was really hard for her to find what does she loves the most. Therefore she has been on many workshops: drawing and painting, fashion design, film, literar and drama workshops, jewlery making etc.
After rediscovering her true love for dancing while dancing Khatak with Mayala Bracha, she decided to commit herself to dance, music and movement. Therefore she attended a lot of workshops and classes with many teachers: Geneva Bybee, Vesna Javsenak, Helene Eriksen, Brigitte Ferchichi, Manca Pavli-Aysha, Eva Stramsek Midzic, Alexandra Cegledi, Karolina Idisova, Liza Vegrova, Martin Nachbar, Sushmita Gosh, Govind Puri, Maja Drobac, Kamenko Culap.
In the 2007. she met Maja Lackovic, still studies with her, and is a member of her dance troupe Dancealot since it's early beggining. She also an experienced dj and it very good at using the best beat making software's available online today! She wishes to „dance her own dance “, in other words, to create her own dance expression, to create new coreographies and spread the happines she feels while dancing..


Born in Zagreb on 6th October 1986. As a little girl, Marija was attending classes of rhythmics and she was also a member of Zagreb majorettes. As a teenager she tried jazz dance and Latino-American dances. She felt her true love for dance in September 2006 when she met her teacher Maja and American Tribal Style bellydance. She is a member of Dancealot since December 2007. Beside Maja, she was studying with Geneva Bybee. Her wish is to further improve her dance technique and to be with the Dancealot gang as long as possible.


Born on 10th May 1986., she is currently a student on Art Academy in Zagreb. Since childhood she was consumed by different art activities including music and dance. She was also dancing in numerous school groups. At the beggining of 2007 she started attending classes of egyptian style held by Zuzana Uhlir. Soon after that, she descovered interesting new style of belly dance called Tribal Fusion and an amazing dancer called Rachel Brice who becomes her idol. She joined Maja and her troupe Dancealot by the end of 2007.



Tribal style is one of the youngest styles of oriental dance, and it is created in America. It is becoming more and more popular, and there are also couple variations.

American Tribal Style – ATS

The creator of this style is Carolena Nericcio, the leader of famous ATS troupe Fat Chance Belly Dance. Very interesting thing about this dance is that it is mostly danced as a group improvisation. While dancing, dancers constantly comunicate by giving cues to each other, thus being able to sinchronise their movements so much that the audience might think that they are dancing well practised coreography.

Tribal Fusion

It is created only few years ago and it is a combination of Tribal, modern dances and also Flamenco and Indian classical dances. It is mostly a free style and it enables every dancer to express her self combining these styles and influences any way he/she wants.